Change gear

You’re convinced you need a strong PR element to your marcoms strategy and would like to get to best practice fast, but you’re not sure how to improve on what you’re already doing.

You need the help of an experienced professional team with the knowledge, contacts and drive to make things happen fast.

If PR is already a part of your marcoms strategy, are you making the most of it? Can you look back on a stream of good news items that have made a real impact on your business? Are your employees proud of the awareness level and image you have in your market sector? Are you ‘top of mind’ for your customers when considering suppliers for their latest work?

The quality of your press releases, articles, case studies and so on speaks volumes for your business. KeynotePR will help your team excel by writing everything for you (unless you don’t want us to!), and ensure that projects get delivered on time and to budget. Well written and well targeted material gets attention, and since editors can use it with a minimum of editing, has the maximum chance of getting used. With more control over the content, you have more chance of getting your message across.

With our support, contacts and enthusiasm, you’ll really be ready to change gear.

The digital challenge

Perhaps you’re wondering (along with many others) how, as a business-to-business organisation, you can make the best use of digital marketing and social media.

You may be considering:

  • Can we justify the time we’d need to spend creating original content for our our website, blog and social media feeds?  How can I be more efficient at this?
  • How do we monitor mention of our brands online?
  • Should our employees be allowed to voice their views on social media such as Twitter?
  • If so, do they speak on behalf of the organisation or only on their own behalf?  Who ‘owns’ the social media contacts? (What if they leave?)
  • How do we know if it’s ‘working’?

KeynotePR works with clients to put the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing into context.

Our clients come to us for many reasons – only one of which is PR. Our ‘media neutral’ approach means we can help you create an integrated communications strategy, including for example: web site, video and photography, brochures, trade show presence and custom events. These are just a few of the things we do for clients.