Reputation management test

All organisations have a corporate reputation. The only choice is whether we manage it.

How well does your organisation manage its reputation?

Try this simple test to see how well your organisation manages its reputation.

  1. Have you identified all the stakeholders relevant to your organisation?
  2. Do you know which stakeholders have the most interest in you, and which the most power or influence?
  3. Are you clear what each stakeholder is concerned about, and what if anything they think of you at present?
  4. Now think about how you manage communications with these various groups. Is someone responsible for communications with each of them, and do they have clear communications objectives?
  5. Are you monitoring mentions of your brand on the web, in the blogosphere and on the key social media tools such as Twitter?
  6. Are you measuring how well you’re doing in brand awareness and reputation?
  7. Do you have a crisis communications plan in place in case the unexpected happens? Is everyone clear on their roles and responsibilities, who can speak to the press for example? ‘No comment’ won’t do!

Scored a straight seven? Congratulations, your reputation seems to be in safe hands. But don’t forget how quickly things can change in our connected world, where the Internet acts a giant echo chamber, and small issues can quickly spiral.

Scored fewer than seven? You’re not alone. Managing an organisation’s reputation is a challenging business and it’s getting harder as people have more tools to communicate, and everyone’s a potential publisher.

Fortunately, KeynotePR has tools and processes to help you plan, execute and monitor your reputation management programme. As an independent party, we can research what your key stakeholders really think, and create focused initiatives to get you where you’d like to be.