Why us?

We believe a focused, efficient approach delivers the best benefit for clients.

Effective PR and marketing communications comes when we take the trouble to understand your business and your sector, then proactively work to raise your profile and get you noticed for all the right things.

Our media contacts range across business to business sectors, while media databases and monitoring services keep us up to date with the people and the issues in your sector right now.

Zero-fluffy approach guaranteed!

Our approach is grounded in common sense.     We make sure we understand your market and the people you need to reach

Then we develop messages and media to build your brand and drive interest

We offer the most cost effective route to reach your stakeholders – and make them want to learn more about you

We make sure we can add value to your marketing. If we can’t offer a high quality solution to your particular problem, we’ll say so

What we don’t do:

  • Push PR as the answer to everything
  • Waste your time waffling or ‘talking a good fight’
  • Hook you in then pass you on to juniors who learn the ropes at your expense
  • Use a ‘sausage machine’ approach to issuing press releases
  • Maintain glamorous offices which you end up paying for through higher fees
  • Charge for extras you never knew existed

You have done a first rate job […] for which I am hugely appreciative.

Russ Cummings, Imperial Innovations
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