Why B2B PR?

PR is the most credible of all the tools in the B2B marketing communications mix.
It also happens to be the most cost effective and easily targeted.

Public relations (PR) is without doubt one of the most effective weapons in the business to business marketing armoury. If you’re not convinced, try thinking about your most important target audiences: business prospects, existing and potential investors, potential recruits, analysts and so on. Now ask yourself where these people get their information from, how they form opinions on which organisations in your sector are the most excellent – the ‘ones to watch’.

We’d be surprised if much of this information did not come from the many types of media available today: the general press, trade press, TV and radio, as well as online sources such as journals, blogs, twitter feeds and so on.

You just have to be where your customers and other stakeholders are.

A well organised B2B PR programme can get relevant and compelling content in front of your audience without the cost of advertising and with great credibility.

Of course, PR works best when it’s well-coordinated with your other marketing activity. It can make sure your next trade show has maximum impact, or drive traffic to your web site. And it supports your sales team’s efforts by building awareness and establishing your credentials ahead of any face to face contact.

In short, our clients know that a PR-centred communications programme can:

  • Build awareness of their products and services
  • Enhance their reputation
  • Generate interest from customers, investors and employees
  • Grow their business



If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR.

Attrib. to Bill Gates