Marketing communications

No matter how good your product or service offering, you can’t succeed without communicating with your target audience, and that means using some of the huge battery of tools marketers have at their disposal

No two organisations are the same

  • A start up technology company might need to answer the ‘so what’ question to demonstrate the specific benefits their innovation can deliver to specific sectors.
  • A mature brand may need to fight for attention and give reasons to switch.
  • A professional service organisation may prefer a subtle approach which positions them as authoritative and reliable.

We work with clients to identify and deliver the right mix of tools

  • Events management: Press tours, open days, product launches or opening a new facility can be a drain on internal resources. Rely on us to take the strain and deliver a smooth and successful event.
  • Copywriting: Clear, interesting copy that gets results for web sites, brochures, product data sheets.
  • Product / service launches: Essential communication tools to maximise your impact from day one.
  • Product naming: We run brainstorming sessions and develop unique names for your products and services – international and trade mark issues considered.
  • Bid support: Extra resource and a fresh pair of eyes for that all-important bid documentation.
  • Slide presentations: Distilled messages and high quality graphics to keep your audience focused.
  • Brochures and flyers: For print or digital.
  • Case studies: Compelling examples of your successes researched and written up.
  • Video: For DVD, trade show or web use.
  • Photo library: Ready for that urgent journalist request.
  • Newsletters: Regular newsletters are no longer a chore – we research and compose.
  • Internal communications: Accurate, timely communication with employees is essential to the well-run organisation.
  • Trade show support: Press invitations guarantee you get face to face time with key people; product launches, press conferences, stand management.