Planning PR / starting PR

Can I do my own PR? Certainly. We’ll even give you advice on how to go about it. Or train your people in how to write a good press release, find news angles and approach the press.

However, many companies find it’s not the best use of their time to identify and build relationships with key opinion formers such as editors, writers and bloggers. Sadly, PR goes on the ‘back burner’, becoming something else to do when there’s time.

So whose job is it anyway?

Do you have someone who can write really good copy – not just good grammar and spelling, though they’re important – but copy that gets attention and has the desired effect on your readers? Are you comfortable picking up the phone and pitching story ideas to busy journalists?

If going for the ‘diy approach’ is not for you, you should consider getting professional PR support.

The right partner can:

  • Free up your key people to concentrate on where they add the most value
  • Provide an independent view on your reputation and how to improve it
  • Give you access to high quality writing and pitching skills, gaining maximum press attention for your products and services
  • Establish a professional and prompt media response service, perhaps with an image library or B-roll video footage
  • Allow you to tap into their ongoing media contacts and programmes
  • Give you the benefit of professional tools such as a press clippings service, media database, upcoming features lists and so on
  • Keep you at the forefront of communications practice e.g. in using social media

In short, using the right PR agency ensures your reputation gets the attention it deserves, making you more effective and punching above your weight.