Reputation management

Today’s organisations need to consider a far wider range of stakeholders than just customers, important though they are.

Suppliers, investors, development partners, interest groups, employees, legislators, analysts, media commentators and regulators all have a role to play in ensuring you achieve your business goals. We help you ensure they are kept properly informed.

Stakeholder Management
  • Communication planning: We work with you to understand your relevant stakeholders, their level of interest and the power they can wield; then to develop an efficient and effective communications plan.
  • PR audit: How well are you reaching your target audiences, and how well is the message being understood?
  • Crisis communications: The time to prepare for this is before things go wrong. You need a sound plan in place with clear responsibilities.
  • Market and telephone surveys: We can talk to your key stakeholders to find out what they really think about you and your competitors. A one-off audit or a regular quantified tracking of reputation are powerful assets to help you plan your communications.
  • Demand qualification: Ensure your sales team’s time is spent as efficiently as possible.
  • Competitor benchmarking: What criteria matter to buyers, and how well do you stack up against the rest?
  • Media monitoring: Our automated systems and manual search techniques track your reputation online and in print.
  • Speaker support and slide design: Avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’ at your next presentation! Get some visuals which really get your points across. Contact us to see some great examples.  We can help you find the right speaking platform too.
  • Investor communications: Make sure your key investors are up to date with the progress you are making, and put yourself in the best position for any future fund raising.
  • Stakeholder communications: Keeping your suppliers, partners, channels, government bodies and trade associations in the picture is increasingly important. Communications tailored to their needs. We even wrote the book on it!

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