Digital marketing

Keynote PR digital marketing

Digital marketing is at the centre of marketing today. The media landscape is changing fast and your marketing needs to change with it. Journalists – and their new incarnation the bloggers – are increasingly using Internet media to source material and to reach wider audiences. Online PR can increase awareness, encourage engagement and is essential in building a strong and credible reputation.

Social Media

Social media has been the hottest topic of the last few years. We work with our clients to help them navigate what can be a minefield, and to manage their social media presence in the most appropriate way – always alert to the latest developments.

  • Web sites: We work with selected associates or your existing web agency to deliver high quality web sites that deliver excellent navigation and high quality content.
  • Social media: Is Twitter right for you? Should you have a Facebook page? Can social media support your business objectives? What is the time commitment likely to be? Which are the best platforms to use? We help you decide and provide ongoing support.
  • E-mail marketing: Carefully targeted, relevant messaging can reach even the most senior executives.
  • Online PR: Engagement with today’s journalists and opinion formers has to include a strong online element.
  • Blogging: When you need a personal and highly authentic approach.
  • Curation: Maintain an up to the minute news flow of relevant content, increasing your value to your stakeholders.