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At KeynotePR Ltd we respect the privacy and security needs of all visitors to our website.

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KeynotePR may invite you to submit information that personally identifies you, such as your email address. This may be used to allow you personal access to certain information on the site.

KeynotePR uses “cookies” to track visitors’ activities to improve the site user experience. Should this policy change in the future, a change to this Privacy Statement will be made at least two weeks before such cookies are used.

We compile web traffic information, but in aggregate only, and to enable us to analyse the general browsing activities of visitors to our website. This information will not be made available outside our organisation.

KeynotePR may send you e-mail information if we believe it will be of interest, based on a past relationship. It is not our wish to send unwelcome messages, and you may unsubscribe from such messaging at any time. Unsubscribe requests are fulfilled promptly and no further communication will be sent to users who have stated that they do not wish to receive the specified information.

KeynotePR will not sell, rent, or loan contact lists, or our customers’ contact lists (including customer data) to any outside firms or individuals, except where instructed so to do by the customer concerned, for example in disseminating customer publicity materials.

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